Business Development


Licensing our proprietary drug delivery technology through mutually beneficial collaborations is Emisphere’s core business strategy. Emisphere is currently looking for collaborations to license Eligen B12™, and to identify additional partners who can benefit from our technology.

Emisphere’s technology can enhance the clinical profile of both pre-market and currently marketed products by converting assets administered in an injectable form to a convenient oral product. Emisphere’s broad-based proprietary oral drug delivery platform provides significant increases in bioavailability, facilitates the enhanced absorption of small and large molecules without altering their chemical form, and maintains their biological integrity or pharmacological properties. It is especially useful for oral delivery of peptides, proteins, oligonucleotides and oligosaccharides.

For more information on licensing:

  • Eligen B12 as either a prescription medical food, an OTC medical food or an OTC nutritional supplement
  • Our proprietary oral drug delivery technology (4,000 carriers) to improve the absorption of currently marketed products and molecules being developed
  • Naproxen – demonstrating faster onset vs. marketed product (potential 505b FDA submission)
  • Triptan – demonstrating faster onset vs. marketed product (potential 505b FDA submission)

Please contact:
David Gschneidner