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Technology Advantages of Eligen®

Emisphere believes that the Eligen® Technology has many advantages, including:

Broad Applicability

The Eligen® Technology is applicable to a diverse group of drug molecules (e.g., proteins, peptides and other poorly absorbed compounds). Emisphere has orally delivered a wide range of drugs successfully; from small molecules to drugs with molecular weight of more than 20,000 Daltons.

Stand-Alone Delivery Approach

The Eligen® system does not rely upon the addition of other agents that can have adverse effects on the intestinal membranes or other physiologic process (e.g., penetration enhancers or enzyme inhibitors).

Versatility of Formulation

Emisphere has created various types of oral formulations using the Eligen® Technology, including solutions, tablets, and capsules. Eligen® system is also applicable to controlled release dosage forms.

Cold Chain Elimination

Emisphere has demonstrated over 12 months of room temperature stability of a protein formulated in combination with a delivery agent, where all tested parameters met specifications.

Ease of Manufacture

The manufacturing set up required to produce Eligen® delivery agents at commercial scale is readily available

Ease of manufacture of Drug/carrier Mixture

A simple blending step with drug and carrier in the appropriate proportions is all that is required to produce an Eligen® enhanced formulation.





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