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Emisphere’s Eligen Technology

Emisphere has created a broad-based proprietary oral drug delivery platform known as the Eligen Technology which makes it possible to avoid injections for drug administration. The Eligen Technology facilitates the absorption of small and large molecules without altering their chemical form, biological integrity or pharmacological properties.

Through the Eligen system, delivery agents or "carriers" facilitate or enable transport of therapeutic molecules, including large peptides and proteins, across biological membranes such as those of the gastrointestinal tract, allowing the drugs to exert their desired pharmacological effect. The delivery agents have no known pharmacological activity in the amounts used to enhance oral drug delivery and therefore may be considered excipients.

The Eligen Technology uses passive transcellular transport to enable drug molecules of all sizes to cross cell membranes. This is a unique and important feature of Eligen not shared by other oral drug delivery systems currently available. Once the drug and paired carrier leave the gastrointestinal lumen and reach the intracellular space, they disassociate. This leaves the drug free to pass directly to the circulation and exercise its intended pharmacological action. The carrier is promptly eliminated by normal excretion pathways. Studies have shown that this process does not involve chemical modification of the drug molecule and the integrity of gastrointestinal absorptive cells is maintained.


Eligen Advantages

  • Safety demonstrated in thousands of trial participants over the last 20 years

  • Broadly applicable to diverse group of drug molecules (e.g., proteins, peptides and other poorly absorbed compounds) and nutritional supplements

  • Stand-alone delivery approach does not rely on the addition of agents that can have adverse effects on the intestinal membranes or digestion process (e.g., penetration enhancers or enzyme inhibitors)

  • Versatility of formulation, including oral solutions, tablets and capsules, as well as rectal, inhalation, intravaginal administration

  • Ease of manufacture, as the technology and manufacturing equipment required to produce the Eligen delivery agent material in commercial quantities is readily available

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